I’m a nationally ranked master runner currently in the 65-69 age group and a RRCA certified distance running coach.  I ran for fitness in my early 20′s and ran 4 marathons back during the first running boom. I worked my way down over four years from a 4:15 first marathon to a 2:49 by training consistently and increasing my running volume and intensity. I then stopped because of the time demands of college. I continued to remain physically active in my 30′s and 40′s with the emphasis on Olympic distance triathlons, bike centuries, mountain bike riding and running. When I returned to marathon training with the goal of qualifying and running Boston, I studied a wide variety of training methods and approached my running seriously. I have great respect for the marathon distance and knew that without a proper base and consistent training I would either end up injured or being under prepared.

Once my goals of qualifying for and running Boston were achieved, I progressively moved my goals up. I tried not to put any artificial barriers on what my potential might be. With each training cycle I would see some improvements and those small goals met would fuel the fire to get to the next goal. I learned that while consistency is important, variety makes a better runner. Each cycle I would try a slightly different approach to work on weak areas and to expand on my ever improving fitness. I was becoming a more dynamic runner and made improvements at everything from the 5K to 100 miles.

Early in this process I started coaching other runners. A couple who had a long time dream of running Boston but were 30 minutes over their respective qualifying time asked me to train them. For 6 months they followed my program.  Both qualified and went on to run the 2009 Boston Marathon, achieving a life goal!  This was an enormously satisfying experience for me.  I decided to learn more about coaching and completed the RRCA coaching certification program.

Besides those with a marathon goals, I have worked with Ultra distance runners, Triathletes and those with shorter distance focus.  Some have the goal to finally finish a marathon strong and others mainly want to run injury free and experience more joy in their running. So far I have worked with runners from age 11 to 84, male and female, across a wide spectrum of running experience.

If you have a strong desire and motivation to run closer to your potential and would like to find out more about my coaching services, please contact me.

Run Your Potential!

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