The historic Boston Marathon course is unique and requires specific training and strategy to do your best. Many runners are most concerned about the Newton Hills which start shortly after mile 16 and end after cresting Heartbreak Hill at mile 21. But honestly the 4 Newton Hills are not that steep, not that long and have ample breaks between them. If the hills are difficult it’s mainly because of the steeper down hill course profile in the first 4 miles and the tendency for many runners to go out too fast and hard for the first half of the race. So specific downhill, uphill and rolling hill training is required along with a good strategy for holding onto your energy and endurance for the final 5 miles.

And there is a lot of time in the days and hours leading up to the race to let mental games and bad judgement get the most of you. You are surrounded by thousands of good runners and the city if full of excitement and nervous energy. If you get too sucked into the electricity you can burn up lots of energy that would be much better saved for the race course. So I will have some specific instructions on how to spend your time in Boston and keep your calm so your Patriots Day results match up to your goals. We will doing group easy runs on the 2 days leading up to the race and a carb load lunch on Sunday.

Training properly is not just about the Boston specific workouts but also about your recovery, nutrition, strength training and maintaining balance with all other aspects of your life. This is where individualized coaching comes in. Step one after signing up is to fill out a questionnaire that documents your running and training history, strengths, weaknesses and unique particulars of your lifestyle. Once received, Coach John will call to go over the questionnaire and discuss the training.

An on-line spreadsheet training plan is then set-up that will give you the daily workouts, training paces, weekly volume etc. You fill in what you run each day along with comments on how it felt and any issues that arise. The coach is available through phone, email, text messaging for any questions, concerns and discussion. Modifications and adjustments can  be made on a daily or weekly basis  for any issues that come up.

The cost for the Run Your Potential Boston Marathon training program is $150/month for a 4 month sign up. 

Please contact Coach John by using the contact form to get the process started or to ask any questions. Look forward to hearing from you!

p.s. Coach John will returning for his 9th Boston Marathon in 2024 and another attempt at an age division podium finish. He was 1st in his age division at Boston in 2009 and 1st again in 2013.

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