I’m John Loftus, a nationally ranked master runner and RRCA certified long distance running coach. I’m currently working with runners with a wide range of goals. Some are determined to qualify for Boston or even the Olympic Trials while others are looking to improve at shorter distances, move up in their age group placements or more focused on trail and ultra races. All would like to run better without getting sidetracked by injury.

I interview my athletes and gather pertinent information about their training, race history, strengths, weaknesses and goals. Then I analyze the data and put together a comprehensive training plan that reflects the runners current level of fitness. We work together on appropriate short, mid and long term goals. As the training progresses, and new data points update the fitness profile, the plan can be altered and tweaked to maximize the effectiveness of the workload/recovery cycle. Most of my athletes use a heart rate monitor, ideally combined with GPS to better track their workouts and tune-up races.

I set up and monitor the on-line training plan which allows both parties to view the schedule, and leave notes about every workout.

We communicate through phone, email and text to answer questions, provide feedback and check progress.

If you are in the Orange County California coastal area, I can provide specific hands on training for track work, hill sprints, running form analysis, HR vs. pace testing, etc. We have great group workouts each Tuesday (Form drills, hills and speed workouts) and Saturday (long runs).

I really enjoy working with runners who have a strong desire and motivation to improve. Helping them set and meet their goals has been a tremendous experience. If you would like to discuss being coached please drop me an email at coach@runyourpotential.com