Over the years I have tried a lot of different nutritional supplements to see if they worked for me.  For example I used to get painful muscle cramps in my legs during my sleep. It was suggested that I increase my daily intake of Magnesium and that took care of the issue in a fairly short amount of time.

I would take protein powders mainly in the Whey and Casein form for recovery and rebuilding muscle after hard workouts and races. I felt it was helpful, especially the Casein protein powder I would take before sleep. This form of protein power digests slower than Whey protein so it is bio-available during the sleep cycle when the majority of muscle rebuilding occurs. But I didn’t like the extra calories, the slight stomach upset of drinking it so late in the evening or the concern that protein powders can tax the kidneys/liver.

Then I heard about a product called PerfectAmino which is a special formulation of the 8 essential Amino Acids that has an eye-popping 99% Amino Acid Utilization (most protein powders and supplements only average 16% body utilization and most dietary food proteins average 32%) I’ve been using this supplement for many years now and have been recommending it to my running group and other endurance athletes.

As mentioned I have tried a lot of different supplements but usually can’t tell much if any difference in performance or recovery. But with PerfectAmino my recovery after big workout/race days has improved considerably and a hamstring issue that plagued me for most of the previous year cleared up in the first month of use. I been known to do a lot of high mileage leading up to marathons and ultras. Peak mileage is often in the 70 to 80 mile range and the quicker recovery allows me to maintain the consistency that is key for these larger training blocks.

I also find an increase in energy levels by taking PerfectAmino before my workouts. Generally I take 5 to 8 tablets in the morning and then another dose after moderate or heavy exercise. It is also avail in powder form for those who don’t like taking pills.. PerfectAminoXP – Drink Powder. I’ve stopped taking Protein Powders and rely solely on PerfectAmino to supplement my dietary protein intake.

If you are looking for better recovery I highly recommend you try out PerfectAmino.

And if you use the code LOFTUS20 on checkout you will get another 20% off (this code works on nearly all the BodyHealth products anytime, even when they are on sale)

PerfectAmino - Essential Amino Acid Forumla by BodyHealth - 150 Tablets

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